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Welcome to The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage

Here you will find information about how TICCIH is organized and its activities. For additional information about the organization, as well as news of interest about industrial heritage, please visit our web site,

Organization and Governance

A Board of Trustees, with 14 members and a President, Secretary and Treasurer manage TICCIH. Board members are all Trustees who are responsible for making sure that the legal requirements of TICCIH are met; TICCIH is registered as a charitable (non-profit-making) organization in England, and has statutes which define its area of interest and activities. Please feel free to contact the TICCIH President, Miles Oglethorpe ( or other TICCIH board members if you have any questions or comments.

TICCIH Board of Trustees:

The Board is elected at the General Assembly, held every three years during the TICCIH Congress. It is chosen by the National Representatives from each country who are themselves elected by their local national associations for industrial archaeology and heritage, or local TICCIH National Committees when there is no existing association. The names and addresses of the Board and all the National Representatives and Correspondents, as well as the Statutes, are on the TICCIH website

TICCIH Congress

The TICCIH Congress is held every three years, most recently in 2015 in Lille, France.

Past Congresses:

National Representatives

If you want to know more about how TICCIH works and what it does, as well as the industrial archaeology and its conservation in your country, contact your national representative and tell them you have joined TICCIH. They represent TICCIH in your country and are the contact point between national and international groups.

TICCIH National Representatives:

Thematic Sections

Thematic Sections are working groups with a particular interest. They are a way of bringing members together around different fields of interest within TICCIH. They include Agriculture and Food Production, Bridges, Collieries, Communications, Hydroelectricity and Electrochemicals, Metallurgy, Mining, Railways, Textiles, and Water.  If there is a subject that concerns you, contact the secretary of the section or start a new one by writing to the Secretary of TICCIH and announcing it in the Bulletin.

TICCIH Thematic Sections:

The TICCIH Bulletin

The TICCIH Bulletin comes out every three months and is how TICCIH members get in contact with each other. It has articles and news as well as details of forthcoming meetings and conferences, and the Editor is always pleased to publish news, research projects and queries, to expose threats to important sites, and to disseminate information of meetings and conferences involving TICCIH’s members.

TICCIH Editor, James Douet:

Past TICCIH Bulletins:


TICCIH has an official agreement with ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) to act as the Scientific Committee concerning the industrial heritage, including world heritage matters.

ICOMOS agreement: