TICCIH Thematic Studies and Published Reports

TICCIH organises thematic sections to help the members with specific interests to meet, communicate and collaborate with one another, promote the study and conservation of the heritage of each section. Membership is open to all members of TICCIH. The sections meet as they require and at the TICCIH Conference.

Proposals for the formation of new sections can be sent to National Representatives or Board Member for approval by the Board.

Selecting a section below will expand the contact information for the Secretary or other contact.

Agriculture & Food Production
Prof. Gracia Dorel-Ferré

Global/Local Group
Dr. Gyorgyi Németh

Hydroelectricity & Electrochemical Industry
TICCIH section for hydroelectricity and the electrochemical industry
Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry
Naustbakken 7, N-5770 Tyssedal, NORWAY
Phone: (+47) 53 65 00 50
Fax: (+47) 53 65 00 51

Mining and Collieries  

José Luis Garcia Rubacalva, Mexico


Dr. Wolfgang Ebert

Worker Housing/Industrial Communities
Prof. Gracia Dorel-Ferré