MEMBERSHIP: Join TICCIH or Renew Your Membership Online

Membership in The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage helps promote international cooperation in preserving, conserving, investigating, documenting, researching, interpreting, and advancing education of the industrial heritage. If you are in a profession with or have a serious interest in industrial heritage, we would therefore love to welcome you to TICCIH. Please take a moment to read about the membership options and follow the instructions below.

If you are already a member of TICCIH or if your membership has lapsed, we thank you for your past support and hope you will consider renewing your membership for 2020 by following the link below. If you are a student, you will also notice that there are special rates to meet your needs.

TICCIH Membership connects you to a network of specialists and practitioners from across the world with shared interests that range from specific industries, sites and technologies in particular localities, to iconic industrial structures and complexes that are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. TICCIH also has active national committees promoting industrial heritage in many countries, and has, in addition, an agreement with ICOMOS to provide expert advice on industrial heritage, especially in the context of World Heritage nominations.

As a member of TICCIH, you will be able to:

  • Participate in the main triennial conferences
  • Join thematic groups promoting specific industries and themes
  • Help organise and participate in intermediate conferences focusing on thematic issues and regions
  • Help build regional TICCIH networks
  • Receive the quarterly TICCIH Bulletin
  • Qualify to be included in the official directory of members
  • Have access to the directory of TICCIH members

Note that all members are invited to join the TICCIH Directory, but can choose to have their details excluded if they so wish. They will, in addition, be automatically included on our mailing list, but can unsubscribe at any time. Note also that the closure of a membership account can be organised via the Contact Page.

TICCIH Membership Subscription

Subscription to TICCIH has moved onto a trust basis. There are three classes of membership: standard, student, and institutional. TICCIH offers four levels of payment for standard membership to help accommodate the varying circumstances of all potential members: $40, $30, $20 and $10. We ask you to select the payment category that you find appropriate and can afford, the default level remaining at $30US. Student members have a choice of either $10 or $5, depending on their ability to pay.

Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, and we believe that paying what you can will minimise the costs for everyone and widen our membership base and geographical reach. We greatly appreciate your support, and welcome your feedback if any issues arise.

Finally, in recognition of the close relationship between our organisations, we are especially pleased to welcome ICOMOS members to TICCIH. We acknowledge that there will be some people for whom full subscriptions to both organisations will be difficult to support, so in these circumstances we are happy to encourage ICOMOS members to select a lower rate.


What happens to your personal data ?

When joining, inevitably you agree to share some personal data with TICCIH, but this information is protected under the the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the most widely accepted international benchmark in data privacy. In consequence, your data cannot be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent, and is used only for internal purposes by TICCIH. If you need to know more about the GDPR, you should refer to its website at

Your membership fees support TICCIH’s website, Bulletin, and other media used to communicate with members and through wider networks. In order to ensure its success, we encourage all Members to provide their full name, email, phone number and postal address (which can be set to private mode), a short profile description, and an indication of their fields/areas of research interests. This information is stored in the Membership Directory, and allows TICCIH to network effectively and to take forward the work of thematic sections and regional groups.