Congresses and Regional Meetings


When available, online resources associated with the Congresses can be found by following the links posted below the Congress themes. Follow this link for access to all Proceedings and Transactions that are currently available in electronic form.

2022 – XVIII International Congress, Montréal, Canada
Industrial Heritage Reloaded
National Reports

2018 – XVII International Congress, Santiago, Chile
Industrial Heritage: Understanding the Past, Making the Future Sustainable
National Reports

2015 – XVI International Congress, Lille, France
Industrial Heritage in the Twenty-First Century, New Challenges
National Reports, Part 1 (Australia – France)     National Reports, Part 2 (Germany – United States)

2012 – XV International Congress, Taipei, Taiwan
Post-colonialism & Reinterpretation of Industrial Heritage
Proceedings     Selected Papers     Taipei Declaration

2009 – XIV International Congress, Freiberg, Germany
Industrial Heritage – Ecology & Economy

2006 – XIII International Congress, Terni, Italy
Industrial Heritage and Urban Transformation: Productive Territories and Industrial Landscape

2003 – XII International Congress, Moscow, Russia
The Transformation of Old Industrial Centres, the Role of Industrial Heritage

2000 – Millennium Congress, London, UK
From Industrial Revolution to Consumer Revolution: International Perspectives on the Archaeology of Industrialisation

1997 – X International Congress, Thessaloniki, Greece
Maritime Technologies

1994 – IX International Congress, Montreal, Canada
From Industry to Industrial Heritage

1992 – VIII International Congress, Barcelona-Madrid, Spain

1990 – VII International Congress, Brussels, Belgium
Industry, Man and Landscape

1987 – VI International Congress, Vienna, Austria

1984 – V International Congress, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

1981 – IV International Congress, Lyon-Grenoble, France

1978 – III International Congress, Stockholm, Sweden

1975 – II International Congress, Bochum, Germany
The Second International Congress on the Conservation of Industrial Monuments

1973 – I International Congress, Ironbridge, UK
The First International Congress on the Conservation of Industrial Monuments


1995 – Mexico (TICCIH Latin America Conference) – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1998 – Cuba (TICCIH Latin America Conference)

2001 – Chile (TICCIH Latin America Conference) – Prague, Bienial – Romania

2002 – Poland

2003 – Romania – Prague, Bienial

2004 – Stavanger, Norway – Peru (TICCIH Latin America Conference)

2005 – Nagoya, Japan – Peru (TICCIH Latin America Conference) – Poland – Prague Bienial – Romania

2006 – Chile (TICCIH Latin America Conference)

2007 – Argentina (TICCIH Latin America Conference) – Romania

2013 – Mexico (VII Latin American Symposium on Conservation of the Industrial Heritage)

2017 – Mexico (IV Seminario Internacional de TICCIH México)


Date TICCIH Congresses Regional conferences TICCIH Latin America conferences Section meetings
1973  I Ironbridge, Great Britain
1975 II Bochum, Germany
1978 III Stockholm, Sweden
1981 IV Lyon-Grenoble, France
1984 Lowell, Mass. USA
1987 VI Vienna, Austria
1990 VII Brussels,Belgium
1992 VIII Barcelona-Madrid, Spain
1994 IX Montreal-Ottawa, Canada
1995 Rotterdam Mexico
1997 Thessaloniki, Greece
1998 Cuba
2000 XI London, Great Britain
2001 Romania
Prague, Bienial
Chile Textiles, Barcelona
2002 Poland Mining, Barcelona
2003 XII Moscow, Russia Romania
Prague, Bienial
Textiles, Euskirchen
2004 Stavanger Peru Mining, Slovenia
2005 Webpage: Nagoya, Japan
Poland, HotGo
Prague Bienial
2006 XIII Terni, Italy Chile
2007 Romania Argentina Textiles, Sedan (France)
Food, Rheims (France)
Electricity, Divonne/Geneva
Mining & Railways, Mexico
2009 XIV Freiberg, Germany Railways, Vilanova i la Geltrú (Spain)
Food, Cordoba (Argentina)
2012 XV Taipei, Taiwan

2013  Mexico – VII Latin American Symposium on Conservation of the Industrial Heritage
2015 XVI Lille, France

Mexico – IV Seminario Internacional de TICCIH México

2018  XVII Santiago, Chile


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