TICCIH Bulletin

The TICCIH Bulletin is published and distributed electronically to members four times each year. The Editor’s policy is to concentrate on methodological themes of interest in different parts of the world while presenting news of projects, activities, meetings and conferences in which TICCIH members are likely to be involved.

Articles for the Bulletin are very welcome and should be sent to the Editor, James Douet (, as early as possible.

Final dates for receiving copy: 31 March for the April Bulletin, 30 June for the July Bulletin, 30 September for the October Bulletin, and 31 December  for the January Bulletin.

Issues Available Online

Industrial Heritage Retooled

Industrial Heritage Re-tooled Cover

Transactions & Proceedings from TICCIH Congresses

TICCIH Thematic Studies & Published Reports

  • The Heritage of the Textile Industry: TICCIH Thematic Study, Heike Oevermann, Bartosz Walczak, Mark Watson, 2022
  • The Heritage of the Oil Industry: TICCIH Thematic Study, by James Douet 2020
  • The Water Industry as World Heritage, by James Douet 2019
  • Context for World Heritage Bridges, by Eric DeLony  1996
  • Railways as World Heritage Sites, by Anthony Coulls 1999
  • The International Canal Monuments List, by Stephen Hughes 1996
  • The International Colleries Study, by Stephen Hughes 2001
  • The International context for textile sites by Mark Watson
  • Les villages ouvriers comme éléments du patrimoine de l’industrie, by Louis Bergeron 1995