Saturday, March 4, 2023
Technopolis City of Athens

Free admission with reservation

How is industrial heritage used in modern cities? How important is the concept of reuse in the urban landscape? Which European gas production plants are currently used as cultural and technological sites

Day: Saturday, March 4, 2023
Hours: 09:30-15:30
Venue: Technopolis City of Athens, Gasholder 1 – Auditorium “Miltiadis Evert”
Free admission – Reservation required: Free admission – Reservation required at
Language: English (without interpretation services)

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On Saturday, March 4, 2023, the Industrial Gas Museum, in cooperation with the Civil Non-Profit Company “Vault of Industrial Digital Archives” (V.I.D.A.), co-organise at the Technopolis City of Athens a one-day conference under the title “Gas-working together: New perspectives” on the reuse of gas plants in Europe, with the participation of speakers from Greece and abroad. The conference is organised in the context of the 10th anniversary of the Industrial Gas Museum, thus inaugurating a festive year and foreshadowing a series of events that will follow on the occasion.

Within the framework of the conference, speakers from seven European countries will present reuse practices and case studies on sections or entire sets of gas plants that have been transformed into living cultural spaces. More specifically, at this international meeting, scientists, academics, professionals and representatives of cultural institutions from Greece, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and Finland will explore industrial heritage sustainability and how gas plants can successfully be integrated into the urban landscape, thus becoming driving forces for growth.

The topic is being explored for the first time in a conference, aiming to create a communication forum between public and cultural institutions. In this context, it will facilitate the exchange of views and practices related to regional, sustainable development, architecture, history, integration of monuments in the urban landscape and management of tangible and intangible industrial heritage and cultural units.

The conference is held under the auspices of TICCIH Greece (The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage) and the ICOM Hellenic National Committee, with Fysiko Aerio the Hellenic Energy Company as its major sponsor and the Brown Hotels as a hospitality sponsor.


Industrial Gas Museum

The Industrial Gas Museum was inaugurated in 2013 to preserve, promote and narrate the story of the old gas plant that supplied Athens with gas light and energy for about 120 years. It is a unique industrial monument in Europe as it preserves all its and a rare collection of objects and rich audiovisual material. The venue is a leading example of industrial heritage reuse, a “living” modern museum (member of ICOM and ERIH) with events according to international standards addressed to everyone. Its program includes events for different audiences and interests, such as interactive theatrical tours, late-night happenings, theatre and music performances in various locations, and original educational programs for children and grownups, all aiming to communicate the area’s history.

Vault of Industrial Digital Archives (V.I.D.A.)

The civil nonprofit organization V.I.D.A., consists of people with different scientific backgrounds but with common research objects and interests i.e. industrial archaeology and the industrial heritage of Greece. It was founded in 2017 and the main goals of V.I.D.A., are the study, rescue, protection, highlighting and promotion of Greek industrial culture and its heritage, in its material and intangible manifestations. In order to promote these goals, VIDA records, prepares, studies, participates in research projects, produces printed and audiovisual material, forms volunteer groups, organizes educational activities, exhibitions and meetings, collaborates with other organizations and educational institutions in Greece and internationally.


Saturday 4 March 2023

10.15 Keynote Speech I

Russell Thomas (Technical Director at WSP)

“History of the gas industry in Europe and the challenges faced by the redevelopment of gasworks”

10.45 Keynote Speech II

Barbara Berger (Architect, Industriekultur und Architektur GmbH)

“The gasholder as a building type”

11.15 Vault of Industrial Digital Archives (V.I.D.A)

Maria Daniil (Head of the Building Infrastructure Department of the Municipality of Athens)
Maria Mavroidi (Chairwoman, Hellenic Department of TICCIH)
“Gasworks plants in Greece: From operation to reuse”

 11.30 Technopolis City of Athens

Konstantinos Bitzanis (CEO Technopolis City of Athens)

“Reuse and sustainability of the Gasworks of Athens“

12.15 Suvilahti Cultural Center, Finland

Kai Huotari (Managing director, KAAPELI/Suvilahti)
Jouni Kärki (Head of Property, KAAPELI/Suvilahti)

“Suvilahti: From an energy plant to a cultural center”

12.30 Westergasfabriek Gasworks, Netherlands

Evert Verhagen (Founder and owner of Creative Cities)

“Reuse of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam”

12.45 Warsaw Gasworks Museum, Poland

Piotr Gnidiuk (Managing Director Warsaw Gas Museum)

“Learn about the history that is an integral part of Warsaw – Visit the Warsaw Gasworks Museum”

13.00 Gasworks Augsburg, GermanyBarbara Berger (Architect, Industriekultur und Architektur GmbH)
Public Works of Augsburg (swa)“Augsburg Gasworks: History and conversion”
13.15 Rome Ostiense Gasometer – EniServizi SpA, Italy

Giuliana Carbone (Head of Real Estate Abroad & Project Development – EniServizi SpA)
Pietro Mencagli (Responsible for Property Management Italy – EniServizi SpA)

“All Roads lead to Rome: From a unique industrial heritage to a hub for innovation development”

13.30 LUNCH
15.30 THEATRICAL TOUR “Have a gas!” by theatrical group “Anemomiloi” (Group A) (limited availability) in Industrial Gas Museum/Technopolis
16.3 THEATRICAL TOUR “Have a gas!” by theatrical group “Anemomiloi” (Group B) (limited availability) in Industrial Gas Museum/Technopolis