Bulletin 64, 2nd quarter, 2014 Published

Bulletin 64, 2nd quarter, 2014 Published

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The former Godin stove factories in Laeken-Brussels: how a major heritage site ended up in the scrapyard Guido Vanderhulst BruxellesFabriques asbl
Cape Town’s grain elevator to become
Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Dr. David Worth
• Silo City: a laboratory for arts and industry in Buffalo, USA: Miriam Kelly
• Starter Project: the Ruhr Region, Global beacon for industrial heritage: Jana Golombek and Christian Wicke
• An unfinished steel mill in Iran-Karadj:
Alireza Ghazi Moghaddam
• St. Gottard railway tunnel: Kilian T. Elsasser
• A crane story: restoration of the Thole Crane: Gerard Jacobs
• Conservation of cultural heritage in the high Arctic: Petter Sørra
• A new home for the clipper ship City of Adelaide
• Dolomiti Contemporanee revitalizes industrial sites through contemporary art:
Dr Simona Politini
Inventories and protection for the Industrial Heritage in France, Geneviève Dufresne and Paul Smith
Modern industrial museums
Nancy Darga, Executive Director of the The Model T Automotive Heritage Complex, Piquette Avenue, Detroit, USA
In memory: Stuart B Smith
Conference reports
Cultural Re-use of industrial buildings in Central and Eastern Europe Budapest,
Dr Zorán Vukoszávlyev
Publications received
Industrial Heritage in Denmark. Landscapes, Environments and Historical Archaeology
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