TICCIH Bulletin No. 70 - 4th quarter, 2015 published

TICCIH Bulletin No. 70 – 4th quarter, 2015 published

Images above from Bulletin 70.. left image: “The study of the blast furnace at the abandoned Staroutkinsky ironworks (Russia)” photograph provided by Nadezhda Solonina and Olga Shipitsyna. Middle image: “Jacquard cards that control the movement of the threads in the Leavers Machine”, (UK) Cluny Lace, 2013. (photo: Julie Botticello)

TICCIH Bulletin No. 70 – 4th quarter, 2015 published and its link sent to all TICCIH current members on November 11, 2015.


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Table of Contents

Opinion: ‘What do we get out of it?’ Local benefits of the Nord-Pas de Calais Coalfield WHS inscription, Catherine Bertram, Director, Mission Basin Minier Nord-Pas de Calais

Report: The slow death of the Huber Breaker, Bode Morin

Worldwide * Industrial tourism in the Urals, Nadezhda Solonina and Olga Shipitsyna * The cultural values of traditional industrial landscapes, Vera D Damayanti * Animating representations of industrial heritage, Tom Fisher and Julie Botticello * Preserving the acoustic heritage of the industrial era, Konrad Gutkowski * The Izmir ‘Design Station’ project, Sergio Taddonio and Nagme Ebru * Fengersfors’ paper mill, Sweden’s industrial site of the year

World heritage experiences * Scottish Ten digital documentation project Miles Ogglethorpe * Tarnowskie Gory mine and water drainage system, Barry Gamble * The heritage of mercury in Idrija, Tatjana Dizdarevic; and Dusan Kramberger

Conference news * TICCIH Congress XIV LILLE-REGION 2015, General Assembly * Big Stuff 2015, Alison Wain * A guide to adaptive re-use in Moulins, Lille, Mark Watson

Book reviews * Forge Work, by Michael Schultz, Betsy Fahlman,

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