SIA ?th Annual Conference – Lake Linden, MI

This is a test page for a fictional SIA conference in Lake Linden. Please fill out the registration form below, and send Daniel at headquarters an email with your thoughts and comments about how it works (

If you have time, feel free to submit multiple registrations trying different combinations of options. This will be helpful both for you in making your assessment, and for testing out the system from a headquarters perspective. Please use your real name for your first registration, after which you may feel free to use pseudonyms.



– All the registration types (Full Conference, Student, etc.) and all of the optional activities are free. Otherwise you would not be able to complete the registration without making a more or less generous donation to TICCIH, because the payment options are routed to TICCIH’s Stripe account. But the system does allow us to add prices for the optional tours, banquets, etc. (for what it’s worth, the MembershipWorks credit card payment process is pretty straightforward, so there isn’t a compelling need to test out that feature in this context).
– Registrant information and add-ons are not always presented in the way they would ideally be for a conference (for example, the “Are you a current member of the SIA?” question would ideally be close to the top of the registration form). One drawback of this system is that the registration questions and add-ons stay in the order in which you add them and this cannot be modified later. For an actual conference, I would carefully plan out the order of questions for each level ahead of time.