National Representative

Mary McMahon
Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland
c/o Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering,
Museum Building, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

National Association

Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland (

The IHAI was established in 1996 as an all-Ireland body to foster an awareness and appreciation among the general public of Ireland’s rich and diverse industrial legacy and to encourage its protection by the relevant statutory authorities. Since its formation the IHAI has sought to function as a link between government organisations, NGOs, and individuals working in the field. By providing opportunities for open discussion and debate the IHAI advances awareness, enjoyment, and conservation of the many facets of industrial heritage. The IHAI organises conferences, workshops, field tours, and lectures.

Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland Ltd
Museum Building, Trinity College, Dublin 2
T: +353 1 8962544;


IHAI Newsletter
The IHAI produces a newsletter three times a year, which chronicles the activities of the IHAI and the IH sector in Ireland. Past issues of the newsletter are archived and made accessible to the general public on the IHAI website. They have also produced a number of publications including conference proceedings, the most recent being Archaeology of Irish Industry: Recent Excavations. Other titles include The Industrial Heritage of North East Ireland, Recording and Conserving Ireland’s Industrial Heritage: An Introductory Guide, Power from Steam, and Taking Stock of Ireland’s Industrial Heritage.

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