Index of Past TICCIH Bulletins

The link below navigates to a Google Sheets spreadsheet of articles from past issues of the TICCIH Bulletin.

To find articles of particular interest, the sheet can be sorted based on any one of its columns, such as Author Name, Year of Publication, Country, or Theme. To sort by Theme, for example, first hover your cursor over the cell at the top of the column, then click on the arrow box that appears:

Within the menu that now appears, click on “Sort Sheet A–>Z” to arrange the sheet based on the data in that column:

The different themes are outlined below. Please note the themes are structured hierarchically in the spreadsheet, with “Theme 1” being the primary theme of a given article, and “Theme 2” being the article’s secondary theme. So it is important to sort the sheet using both columns to discover all of the articles related to that theme.

Alternatively, it is possible to search by keyword using the “Find” feature: hit Control+F (⌘+F for Apple computers) and enter the keyword.

Column N of the spreadsheet contains URLs for downloading PDFs of the Bulletin issue within which the article appears. Please note that at this time, these links in the Google Sheet are not active, so it is necessary to copy the URL text and paste it into the navigation bar of a new browser window or tab.


  1. Adaptive re-use
  2. Agriculture
  3. Archaeology
  4. Architecture
  5. Art & Industry
  6. Communications
  7. Concrete & Cement
  8. Conservation/Preservation
  9. Construction
  10. Documentation/Recordation
  11. Education
  12. Engineering
    • Bridges
    • Structural
    • Mechanical
    • Civil
  13. Environmental Legacies
  14. Extraction
    • Coal
    • Stone
    • Oil
    • Metal
    • Other
  15. Industrial Communities
  16. Industrial Landscapes
  17. Industrial Regions
  18. Interpretation
  19. Machinery
  20. Manufacturing
    • Textiles
    • Automobiles
    • Food
    • Other
  21. Maritime
  22. Metallurgy
    • Iron & Steel
    • Non-Ferrous
  23. Museums
  24. Power
    • Water
    • Steam
    • Electricity
    • Hydroelectricity
    • Nuclear
    • Gas
  25. Threatened Heritage
  26. Tourism
  27. Transport
    • Railways
    • Canals
    • Roads
    • Water
    • Aviation
    • Other
  28. Water
  29. World Heritage