National Correspondent

Prof. Dr. Sebnem Onal Hoskara
Department of Architecture
Eastern Mediterranean University
North Cyprus
T: +90 392 6302588 


  • Bi-communal Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage in Cyprus
  • Europa Nostra Cyprus
  • ICOMOS Cyprus Section
  • Center for Cultural Heritage
  • Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization
  • Magusa Surici Dernegi (MASDER)


MS in Cultural Heritage Studies at Department of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University – EMU (in collaboration with METU and Politecnico di Milano

Various courses realted to cultural heritage in gemneral and industrial heritage in particular in Masters and PhD programs of Department of Architecture and Department of Interior Architecture at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

ARCH530 – Renovation of Old Buildings for Contemporary Uses
ARCH552 – Contemporary Approaches in Architectural Conservation
ARCH555 – Practice and Implementations on Regeneration
ARCH556 – Conservation and Design in Historic Environment
ARCH557 – Urban Conservation
ARCH574 – Re-Use of Existing Buildings
ARCH576 – Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings
ARCH578 – Conservation of Industrial Buildings: Process and Approaches
ARCH593 – New Buildings in Historic Environment
INAR 506 – Renovation Practices
INAR 524 – Conservation and Renovation Concepts for Historical Buildings



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Historic Sites

The main historic industrial heritage in Northern Cyprus:

  1. Sanayi Holding Türkteks Buildings – Textile & Oil Factory (now used as Devlet Emlak Malzeme Dairesi – Government Office and Koop-Bank Storage), Nicosia
  2. Tobacco Factory (now used as TRNC Parliament Building), Nicosia
  3. Shewson Textile Factory (abandoned), Nicosia
  4. ARUN Flour Factory (still in its original use), Nicosia
  5. Bixi-cola (juice) Factory (now used as an office building), Nicosia
  6. Severis Flour Factory (demolished), Nicosia
  7. Toros Textile Factory, Dereboyu Koskluciftlik, Nicosia
  8. Biscuit Factory, Haspolat / Nicosia
  9. Mattress Factory, Haspolat / Nicosia
  10. Plastic Products (pvc) Factory, Haspolat / Nicosia
  11. Alba Textile (Shirt) Factory, Haspolat / Nicosia
  12. Harika Detergent Factory (still in its original use), Harika Region, Famagusta
  13. Textile (Socks) Factory (now used as storage), Maras, Famagusta
  14. Sanayi Holding Textile Factory (), Maras, Famagusta
  15. Flour Factory, Larnaca Street, Famagusta
  16. Ece Biscuit Factory (still in its original use), Larnaca Street, Famagusta
  17. Citrus Fruits & Potatos Packageing Factory (abandoned), Larnaca Street, Famagusta
  18. Sponge (Sünger) Factory (abandoned), Famagusta
  19. Ten Ten Cips Factory (still in its original use), Tuzla, Famagusta
  20. Nar-Pak – Citrus Fruits Package Factory (abandoned), Tuzla, Famagusta
  21. PVC Pipe Factory (abandoned), EMU Campus, Famagusta
  22. Zeyko Oil Factory (abandoned, damaged, demolished – only chimney left), Kyrenia
  23. Olive Oil Factory (abandoned, damaged, demolished), Bellapais / Kyrenia
  24. Carrop Production Workshop (abandoned, damaged, demolished), Ozankoy / Kyrenia
  25. CMC (Copper Mine Cooperation) and its Housing District (abandoned and used as housing), Lefke / Güzelyurt
  26. Cypruvex Citrus Fruits Package Factory (now used as an agricultural research center of Lefke European University), Güzelyurt
  27. Tobacco Factory (to be turned into a university building – ITU), Yenierenköy / İskele
  28. Tobacco Storage Building (now partially used as a Cultural Center), Yenierenköy Village / İskele
  29. Tobacco Factory & Storage Buildings (abandoned), Dipkarpaz Village / İskele
  30. Various Rural Carob Warehouses
  31. Various Olive Oil Mills
  32. Various Water Mills