Bulletin 66, 4th Quarter, 2014 Published

Bulletin 66, 4th Quarter, 2014 Published

TICCIH Bulletin 66, 4th quarter, 2014 has been published and sent to all current 2014 TICCIH members on October 16, 2014.

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Contents of Bulletin:Opinion: Adaptive re-use of the cloud, James DouetReport: Art on a coal mine: the new Silesian Museum, Dr Anna Sulimowska-OciepkaWorldwide: * Notes from Detroit: can the Packard Plant rise again? Miriam Kelly * New historic dockyard museum, Falkland Islands * The Oil Island at Ängelsberg – the world’s oldest refinery, Lars M. Larsson * The landscape of the Minas de Río Tinto, Spain, Eusebi CasanellesModern Industrial museums: * Petr Kozísek, Head of the Road and Water Transport Department at the National Technical Museum of the Czech Republic, Prague * The Museum of Geothermal Energy – Italy, Dr Simona Politini, * The Luigi Micheletti Award 20th anniversary, Laura Diamanti

Conference report: National Congress of Industrial Heritage: Challenges of Industrial Heritage Conservation, Tokyo 14 – 15 July, 2014

Publication received: * Liverpool: seaport city, Neil Cossons and Martin Jenkins

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