Bulletin 65, 3rd quarter, 2014 published

Bulletin 65, 3rd quarter, 2014 published

TICCIH Bulletin 65, 3rd quarter, 2014 has been published and sent to all current 2014 TICCIH members on August 7, 2014.

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Number 65
3rd quarter, 2014

Stone quarry landscapes: newest thematic report for ICOMOS
Second call for papers: Extended deadline to September 15, 2014. TICCIH 2015 Congress, Lille, France; 5-14 September 2015

France’s ‘double’ World Heritage site: the Great Saltworks of Salins-les-Bains and the Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans: Geneviève Dufresne

The evolution of early structural iron in China, Russia and Wales: Stephen Hughes
Eloy Alfaro cart mill, Sarchí, Colombia: Ileana Vives Luque
Textile industrial landscape along the Llobregat River, Catalonia: Eusebi Casanelles
A graded approach to conservation in Sweden: Bengt Norling
Property values threaten Kirkaldy Testing Museum, England: Dr Robert Carr
The Atlanterra Project and the development of interpretative animation: Stephen Hughes
The Wealden Iron Research Group: Jeremy Hodgkinson
Industrial museum directions
Professor Antonella Caroli, Director of the Polo Museale del Porto Vecchio (Old Port Museum Centre), Trieste, Italy

Industrial Sublime: Modernism and the Transformation of New York’s Rivers, 1900-1940: Betsy Fahlman
750 Years of Harbour Cranes in Antwerp: Patrick Viaene
The Making and Remaking of Dismissed Industrial Sites: Dr. Irene G. Curulli

Conference report
II International Congress on Industrial Heritage – Heritage, Museums and Industrial Tourism, Oporto, Portugal: Professor José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro

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