Textile Expert Meeting

Pre-announcement: TICCIH scientific conference, April 2021, in Łódź, Poland.

Researchers and experts may join the last of the TICCIH Textile Section meetings in April 2021, in Łódź, Poland. This will seek to finalise publication of the TICCIH comparative study, incorporating much of the knowledge gained at earlier meetings of the Textile special interest group in TICCIH. This is proposed to then be presented at the TICCIH Congress in Montreal in September 2021.

Please contact bartosz.walczak (at) p.lodz.pl to discuss topics for the meeting in Lodz, Poland in April 2021, and mark.watson (at) hes.scot if interested in joining a textile mill prototype session in Montreal during the TICCIH Congress in September 2021 -three minutes and six slides- or a roundtable. Each presenter will focus on one important issue in “the quintessence of textile heritage conservation”.