Bulletin 82 Published

Bulletin 82 Published

The Koepchenwerk pump storage power plant at Lake Hengstey in Herdecke. Photo: Werner Hannappel, 2017

TICCIH Bulletin 82 pages 1 and 2

TICCIH Bulletin No. 82 has been published and distributed electronically to all current TICCIH members. For access to the complete Bulletin, join or renew your TICCIH membership.

Contents of Bulletin No. 82:

  • Theatres of Memory and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Singapore, Dr Kah Seng Loh
  • Manuel d’Archéologie Industrielle, by Pierre Fluck, reviewed by Massimo Preite
  • Technology Transfer and China’s Modern Industrialization, Liu Boying
  • First Latin American List of Sites of Technical and Industrial Heritage, Eusebi Casanelles and Mónica Ferrari
  • The Mining Foundation of the highlands of Cartagena-La Unión, Juan-Miguel Margalef
  • The Richelieu Canals: Industrial Heritage in Motion, Alain Gelly and Matthieu Paradis
  • Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland, Mary McMahon
  • Big Stuff in Poland, Alison Wain
  • The Slate Industry of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Frank Matero
  • On-line Industrial Heritage Training, Shabnam Inanloo
  • Farewell, Patrick Martin, TICCH Life President
  • Hello, Miles Oglethorpe, TICCIH President
  • TICCIH General Assembly, Board and Presidential elections, Stephen Hughes, TICCIH General Secretary
  • Louis Bergeron’s research archive, Sylvie Bergeron
  • TICCIH XVII Chile Recap, Jaime Migone
  • TICCIH XVII Chile 2018, An Australian Perspective, Alison Wain
  • Workers’ settlements and factory towns, Terrassa, Gràcia Dorel-Ferré
  • IV International Congress on Industrial Heritage, Porto, José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro
  • The Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Monuments and Historical Culture, Germany, Marita Pfeiffer
  • Dr Henry Cleere, written by Neil Cossons